Pardo Yachts

When Style Meets Performance

The range of Pardo Yachts is developed with the sophisticated yacht owner in mind, treasuring quality time with friends and family. The stylish Pardo Yachts are known for their spacious design, guaranteeing comfortable walk-around and freedom on board.

Pardo Yachts are characterised by their innovative technology, design, elegance, quality and craftsmanship based on years of experience. Unequalled in power and speed, as well as comfort and quality, resulting in an extraordinary experience. The Yachts are developed on the prestigious shipyard of Cantiere del Pardo, having produced over 4.000 high-performance yachts of unknown quality and comfort since 1973.


Pardo 38

Pardo 43

Pardo 50


Maintenance and service

Service Worldwide Service

Purchasing a Pardo Yacht is not just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, but also the start of a beautiful relation with Orange Yachting. Experience all-round service and maintenance of your entire yacht, including the technical systems.

At Orange Yachting your comfort is our priority. Both before, during and after sailing, your Yacht is always kept in the best state. Step on board a spotless, filled-up and, if preferred, manned Yacht. Delightful sailing, with the excellent service and maintenance you deserve. Orange Yachting also takes care of a smooth transfer to the harbour. Simply enjoy a relaxing experience with Pardo.        


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